We are a family-run swim business located in Boise, Idaho that has been serving families from all over the Treasure Valley for more than 15 years. We are passionate about educating children and adults of all ages about water safety, basic swimming skills, and stroke development in a safe, positive, encouraging, and FUN environment. We teach small classes in a warm, heated pool with excellent, motivated teachers who work very hard to ensure that children learn how to really SWIM!

Monday, March 25, 2024

Summer 2024 Swim Lessons

Swimmers!  We are looking forward to seeing you all again.  We have some good news.  With the cost of everything going up, Cathy’s School for lil Fish is actually lowering the cost per class of our semi-private swim lessons this summer.  We found that private swimming lessons were highly effective for our students but were more expensive and decreased the number of spots available for students so this year we are offering more options!  Depending on your family’s needs, you can choose to book either 1-week sessions of lessons or 2-week sessions (lessons are held Mon – Thurs each week).  We will offer three different kinds of lessons:

1. Semi-Private lessons

2. Family Group Lessons

3. Mommy & Me Classes

In place of private lessons, we are slightly altering our lessons to be semi-private.  What that means is your student will still have 1 on 1 instruction (or 1 on 2 if you choose), but there will be another class (same size) in the pool at the same time.  For example, your 2 beginner swimmers could work with one teacher and your intermediate student could be working with another teacher during the same 15-minute lesson in another part of the pool.  That shortens your time poolside, reduces each class tuition by 20% and allows us to help more kids learn to swim this summer!

 For more details on the types of classes and the cost, please click on “Class Options” at the top of the page!   

Registration will open on Wednesday, April 24th, at 8:30 p.m. Click on the "Registration" tab at the top of the page for details on this process!

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