We are a family-run swim business located in Boise, Idaho that has been serving families from all over the Treasure Valley for more than 15 years. We are passionate about educating children and adults of all ages about water safety, basic swimming skills, and stroke development in a safe, positive, encouraging, and FUN environment. We teach small classes in a warm, heated pool with excellent, motivated teachers who work very hard to ensure that children learn how to really SWIM!

Saturday, April 15, 2023

Registration for 2023 Swim Lessons will be April 27th

Registration opens at 8 p.m. this evening, April 27th!  Please note that we JUST added additional classes to the week of June 12th, so that schedule changed slightly. 



AFTER YOU HAVE A SPOT RESERVED, fill out one registration form per family:


IF THERE ARE NO SPOTS AVAILABLE WHERE YOU NEED THEM, please fill out this form to be put on the waiting list.  Those on the waiting list will be placed in open spots in the order they signed up.


We are excited to bring another summer of swimming to our amazing families!  This year we will only be offering private lessons, family group lessons and Mommy & Me classes.  We will not be offering group lessons.  However, you are welcome to share your private or family group lessons with friends.  For details on the classes offered and schedule, please click on the "schedule" tab at the top of this page.  Registration will open Thursday, April 27th, at 8:00 p.m. MST.  BEFORE that time, we recommend thoroughly reading the "Schedule", "Levels" and "Registration" tabs on this page so that you understand the registration process.  Also, PLEASE watch this 13 minute video walking you through the registration process BEFORE April 27th at 8 p.m. We look forward to swimming with you in 2023!


  1. Just to clarify…8 pm or am?
    Also did you happen to change the platform to be one that starts a timer as soon as you click on a spot so it holds it for you for a specified time (usually a few minutes) while you enter your information as suggested last year because it was very stressful last year to find a spot then frantically try to enter the kids info (especially when there is more than one kiddo to enter) to finish and be told the spot was no longer available. This happened a couple of times and was so disheartening and felt that parents with only 1 child to enter info on or those who had faster typing skills or a home computer versus phone to do it on had an advantage :(

  2. It in the p.m. - in the evening this year! We have gotten a lot of feedback that the mornings are hard with trying to get kids off to school and ready for work, so we hoped the evening might be a little easier. Unfortunately, there is no way with this software to set up the timer feature. However, you shouldn't need to enter individual kiddos, just quickly change the quantity # to how many time slots you need. If you watch the video I think it will clarify that for you. Also, if you create an account with Signup Genius ahead of time and are already logged in, that will speed up the process for you.

  3. I did not see any options for the mommy and me classes, were these not available?