We are a family-run swim business located in Boise, Idaho that has been serving families from all over the Treasure Valley for more than 15 years. We are passionate about educating children and adults of all ages about water safety, basic swimming skills, and stroke development in a safe, positive, encouraging, and FUN environment. We teach small classes in a warm, heated pool with excellent, motivated teachers who work very hard to ensure that children learn how to really SWIM!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Why We Teach Group Swimming Lessons

During the past 12 summers that Cathy's School for Lil' Fish has been open, we have had several requests for private and semi-private swimming lessons. Occasionally we have arranged these swim classes on an individual basis, but the vast majority of our swimming lessons are taught in group settings. Believe it or not, there is a method to our madness that has more to do with what's best for our students, and not just our bottom line. We have witnessed the power of positive peer pressure during swimming lessons and want to utilize this great tool!

Peer pressure often has a negative conotation. However, children learn A LOT from each other, and it doesn't all have to be bad! When we are sheduling people in classes we put a lot of thought into the chemistry of those classes. As much as possible, we try to get a good mix of ages, ability, and enthusiasm. At times, we have accidentally sheduled a whole group of timid swimmers together, only to find that they feed off of eachother's fears and the progress of the whole class grinds to a halt. Conversely, we've had classes with 2 or 3 timid students and 2 or 3 VERY enthusiastic students and we find that the fearful children are reassured by the excitement and the FUN that they see the more enthusiastic swimmers portray. So while we haven't closed the door on private lessons forever, we find that most (not all) children progress more quickly and have more fun in group swimming lessons. We hope your child does too :)

Cathy teaches swimming lessons to kids from Boise, Meridian, and Eagle Idaho.


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